Davy Knot How to tie the Davy Knot. The Davy Knot is attributed to Davy Wotton, a British Fly Fishing pro. The positive aspects of this knot are in speed, size and strength - all great attributes for a fishing knot. Once learned, the Davy Knot can be tied very quickly which gets you back to fishing in a minimal amount of time. It is also a very compact knot making it a nice knot for small flies and various tests rate it between 85 to 100 percent of line strength, with 90% probably a safe assumption. The Davy Knot should be in every fly fisher's arsenal of knots! The Davy Knot is one of 12 great fishing knots included on the Pro-Knot Fly Fishing Knot Cards (click to see).
Davy Knot

Davy Knot

1. Thread 3 to 4 inches of leader (or tippet) through the hook eye.

2. Loosely form a simple overhand knot ahead of the hook.

3. Bring the tag end back through the loop making sure to pass between the overhand knot and the hook itself.

4. Tighten the knot by pulling first on the tag end to draw up the knot, then on the main line to set the knot.

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