Drop Shot Rig How to tie the Drop Shotting Knot. Drop Shotting is a popular bass fishing technique but it was actually invented by saltwater fishermen. The technique was introduced to the bass fishing world by pro bass fishermen on the West Coast and it quickly spread. It proved successful in the highly pressured lakes of the West and is considered a “finesse” technique. The idea is to suspend a bait (artificial such as a plastic worm or live or dead bait) off the bottom at a level that will put the bait in front of the fish and/or get the bait up and out of the gunk at the bottom. The weight is dropped vertically to the bottom and the bait is lightly shaken to attract attention. Light line and spinning equipment is preferred.
How to tie a Drop Shot Rig
1. Begin by tying a Palomar Knot with a long tag end. Double 12 to 30 inches of line (depending on how high you want the bait off the bottom) and pass end of loop through eye of hook.

2. Tie a loose overhand knot with the hook hanging from the bottom of the loop formed.

3. While holding the overhand knot between thumb and forefinger, pass end of loop over the hook. Slide loop to above eye of hook.

4. Pull on both standing line and tag end to tighten down the knot onto eye of hook. Now feed tag end back through hook eye from above.

5. Attach a small weight to end of line desired distance from hook and trim tag. Attach bait to hook.

See Animated Drop Shot Rig Below

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