Orvis Knot How to tie the Orvis Knot. The Orvis Knot is another “contest knot”(see also World’s Fair Knot and Fish N Fool Knot) in which the winning terminal tackle knot was bestowed with the company name of the famous fly fishing retailer Orvis. It is a strong and easy to tie knot worthy of the prestigious Orvis name.
How to tie the Orvis Knot

Orvis Knot

1. Feed line through hook eye from below and wrap behind standing line. Cross over standing line and bring end through first loop formed, creating a figure eight.

2. Feed tag end through top of loop on right from behind and repeat for a send pass through the loop.

3. The line should look like this before tightening.

4. Moisten line a pull tag end to close knot. Alternately pull on hook and standing line and the tag end to tighten the knot down on the hook eye. Trim tag end.

See Animated Orvis Knot Below

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