Rapala Knot How to tie the Rapala Knot. The Rapala Knot forms a non-slip loop at the end of a line. Making a loop connection to a fly or lure can give it more action. This one is named after the lure company that popularized it as a means of connecting their lures to monofilament line.
Rapala Knot

Rapala Knot

1. Tie a loose overhand knot and feed the tag end through the eye and back through the overhand knot.

2. Make 3 turns around the standing line and bring tag end back through overhand knot.

3. Pass tag end through loop that is formed.

4. Moisten line. Pull on standing line while holding tag end to close the knot. Pull on both tag end and standing line to tighten down the knot.

See Animated Rapala Knot Below

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