World’s Fair Knot How to tie the World's Fair Knot. Winner of Dupont‘s “Best New Knot” from 498 entries. Dependable and easy to tie in monofilament or fluorocarbon line. Created by Gary L. Martin of Lafayette, Indiana this terminal tackle knot was selected by a panel of outdoor writers as the best new, easy to tie, all-purpose fishing knot in Dupont Corp’s Great Knot Search. He named it the World’s Fair Knot because he first demonstrated it at the 1982 Knoxville World’s Fair. Pro bass fishermen are using this knot to tie drop shot rigs by leaving the tag end as long as desired for attaching the weight.
World's Fair Knot

World’s Fair Knot

1. Double the end of the line into a loop and pass it through the eye of the hook or lure.

2. Fold the protruding section of the loop back over the double line.

3. Take the tag end and pass it over one side of the loop, under the double line and over the other side of the loop.

4. Pass tag end through the new loop just created.

5. Moisten the line and finish the knot with gentle but firm pressure on the standing line.

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