Buntline Hitch Use this knot to fasten items such as snaps and rings to rope or cord. Forms a small, neat and very reliable knot. Simple and effective, the buntline hitch dates to the age of sail where it was used to secure buntline to the foot of the sails on square-rigged ships. That the Buntline hitch was the preferred knot speaks to its security and reliability. Once set, repeated jerking tend to tighten it further rather than loosening it. It forms a very compact and reliable knot. It has gained in popularity in recent years due to its performance in slippery modern synthetic lines.

Buntline Hitch

1. Pass the end of a line through the object being attached to the rope. Bring free end up and cross over, then under the standing line.

2. Bring the free end to the front of the knot and you will now finish by tying a half hitch around the standing line.

3. This is the completed knot prior to tightening.

4. Pull the knot tight and slide down onto the attached object.

See Animated Buntline Hitch Below

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