Figure Eight The figure eight follow through is one of the strongest knots. It forms a secure, non-slip loop at the end of a rope. Also known as the Flemish Bend, this is the most widely used tie-in knot by mountain climbers. The reason is that it is strong, secure and easy to visually inspect. Climbers often further secure it by tying a back up knot with the tag end.
The knot can also be tied by tying a Figure Eight Knot with doubled line at the end of a rope (Step 1, but don’t come back through the bottom loop). It is faster but cannot be used if tying into a fixed object, so it is good to learn to tie this knot as the “Figure Eight Follow Through”. A single Figure Eight also makes a good “Stopper Knot” at the end of a rope (Step 1 with the single line but don’t come back up through the bottom loop).
Figure Eight Follow Through Knot

Figure Eight

1. Tie a single eight in the rope two feet from its end. Pass the free end through any tie-in point if desired.

2. Retrace the original eight with the free end leaving a loop at the bottom of the desired size.

3. Pull all four strands of rope to cinch down the knot.

See Animated Figure Eight Knot Below

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