Mooring Hitch A good temporary knot. Can be released quickly with a tug on the free end. The Mooring Hitch holds fast under load yet comes apart instantly with a pull of the tag end. It can be tied up tight to an object or anywhere along the length of the rope so you can reach and release it without getting off your horse or out of your boat.

The Slipped Buntline is another good quick release knot.

Mooring Hitch

1. Make a turn around a post and then form a loop with the free end exiting the loop on the inside (leave longer free end than illustrated).

2. Grasp the standing line and pull a section through your loop.

3. Grasp a section of the free end (but not the very end) and pull part way through the new loop.

4. Tighten the knot by pulling down on the standing line. Release the knot by pulling the free end.

See Animated Mooring Hitch Below

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