Tautline Hitch to Rope The Tautline Hitch is often used to tighten or loosen a line when it is wrapped around an object and then tied to its own standing line. An alternative use for the Tautline is to tie it to a another rope or object where it can then be moved up or down that rope or object. This illustration shows how to tie the Tautline to an object.
Tautline Hitch to Rope

Tautline Hitch To Rope

1. Lay line across rope or object you are attaching it to and make two downward wraps.

2. Move the working end up across the wraps and pass behind rope. Make two more wraps around the rope, passing inside the working end.

3. Tighten down the wraps and grasp entire knot to slide up or down. A load on the standing line grips the knot to the rope or object. A Figure Eight or other stopper knot should be tied in the end of the working end for security.

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