Zeppelin Bend The Zeppelin Bend knot, also known as the Rosendahl Bend knot, is used to tie two ropes together. It is an easy knot to tie, very secure, and jam proof.

The Zeppelin Bend gets its name from its association with the great lighter-than-air ships, or dirigibles, of the 1920’s, which were commonly called “Zeppelins” in honor of Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin who was an early pioneer and advocate of the behemoths. Of immense size and filled with hydrogen or helium, Zeppelins had a huge lifting capacity; which also meant the knots used to tie them to the ground had to be completely secure, take massive strain, yet remain easy to untie when wanted. The knot commonly used that fulfilled all of these requirements was the Zeppelin Bend.
Zeppelin Bend

Zeppelin Bend

1. An easy way to start the Zeppelin knot is to form a "6" with one rope with the running line under, and form a "9" with the other rope with the running line over. Then lay the 6 partially over the 9.

2. Take the end of the 6 and pass it through the opening of the 9 and the 6.

3. Repeat with the end of the 9 in th eopposite direction - through the opening of the 6 and through the opening of the 9.

4. Pull ends tight.

See Animated Zeppelin Bend Below

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