Arbor Knot How to tie the Arbor Knot. Use the simple Arbor Knot to tie your fishing line to the spool of any type of fishing reel – fly reel, spinning reel or bait casting reel. The goal here really isn’t in thinking that a knot is going to hold if a fish has taken all the line down to the end your reel spool, but to have something strong enough to hold in the event you lose a rod and reel overboard and have to pull it up by the line.
How to tie the Arbor Knot

Arbor Knot

1. Wrap your line around the arbor of the spool with the tag end of the line. Then tie a simple overhand knot around the standing part with the tag end.

2. Tie a second overhand knot in the tag end just an inch or two from the first overhand knot.

3. Pull the standing part of the line to slide the first overhand knot down to the spool and the second knot to jam against the first. Trim tag end close.

See Animated Arbor Knot Below

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