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Pocket Squares

How to fold a pocket square
A pocket square worn in a suit jacket's left breast pocket has evolved in fashion going back for centuries. For a time they were out of style (1960's). For a while they were worn conservatively with no more than an inch and half showing (no longer the case). For a time they were worn to match exactly the necktie material (no more).

While white pocket squares of linen, cotton, and silk are always correct, silk pocket squares of beautiful patterns and prints are popular now. Generally, a pocket square should complement a man's tie or shirt but should not directly match it. Contrasting textures work well such as the wearing of a smooth silk tie combined with a contrasting linen pocket square.

Pocket squares folded with a point are traditionally pointed away from the heart, although men such as Cary Grant have been known to wear their pocket square pointed in towards their heart. Monograms or labels on your pocket square should not be visible.

Just click on the pocket square fold's name or picture to go to its instructions. Enjoy!

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