Bimini Twist How to tie the Bimini Knot. The Bimini is considered to be a 100% knot – providing 100% line strength. It creates a double line with a loop at the end to which a leader can be attached with a loop-to-loop connection. An Offshore Swivel Knot is often used to tie directly to the Bimini.
How to tie a Bimini Twist

Bimini Twist

1. Double the line into a loop and make twenty twists in the end of the loop. Slip the open end over a knee (or both knees or your feet for a long loop) and keep constant pressure on both ends of the loop.

2. Lower the hand that is holding the tag end until the tag end slips back over the first twists. Open the angle of the loop and let the tag end roll over the column of twists to the end of the twists.

3. After the line is rolled down to the end of the twists, make a half hitch (overhand knot) on the near side of the loop to lock everything in place. Maintain tension on all lines.

4. Secure the knot by making 3 to 5 half hitches around both lines of the loop, working from the loop end back toward your knot. Tighten-up half hitches against the base of the knot.

5. Clip excess tag end to about ¼ inch.

See Animated Bimini Twist Below

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