The J Knot starts out similar to the Surgeon’s Knot but the wraps alternate, which may put less stress on the lines. Field and Stream tested the J Knot to be slightly stronger than the Surgeon’s Knot, Blood Knot and the Double Uni Knot. All are good knots for joining leader to line.

J Knot

J Knot

1. Lay the main line and leader on top of one another overlapping each other by several inches.

2. Form a loop by tying a simple overhand knot, pulling entire leader through loop.

3. Run end of line and entire leader through loop from the backside.

4. Repeat the process again from the top of the loop entering from the backside of loop to the front and then again repeat from the bottom of the loop.

5. Moisten lines and pull tight.

See Animated J Knot Below

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