Nail Knot How to tie the Nail Knot. The Nail Knot is a time tested and popular knot to join fly line to leader. The use of a small hollow tube (coffee stirrer sticks can work) instead of a nail is effective. The Nail Knot is one of 12 great fishing knots included on the Pro-Knot Fly Fishing Knot Cards (click to see).
How to tie a Nail Knot

Nail Knot

1. Lay a nail or hollow tube against the end of a fly line. Set the butt section end of a leader against the line and tube. Leave an extra 10 – 12” of its tag end to tie the Knot.

2. Make 6-8 close together wraps, working left to right, back around the leader, line and tube or nail. Pass the tag end through the tube or the space made by the nail and remove the tube.

3. Pull tag end to snug up the coils then tag end and leader to seat the knot firmly onto the fly line.

4. Trim tag end close to the knot.

See Animated Nail Knot Below

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