Slim Beauty Knot How to tie the Slim Beauty Knot. This knot came out of the Key West area in the 1990’s as an innovative means of tying tippets or leaders to the main line. It has rapidly become a very popular knot due to its strength, low profile and the fact it is easy to learn. It is also an effective way to join slippery braided line to a monofilament leader.
Slim Beauty Knot

Slim Beauty Knot

1. Tie a double overhand knot in the end of the leader.

2. Pull knot only semi-tight to form a figure eight.

3. Double 15-24” of main line and pass through top and bottom of figure eight. Wrap 4 times down the leader and 3 times back again. Pass loop through first gap formed by the wraps.

4. Tighten down the figure eight knot in the leader (pull 1’s). Then make a fast, steady pull with the leader and the doubled main line (not the loop) (pull 2’s).

5. Trim off loop and tag ends of the double line.

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