Bowline On A Bight This knot forms a bowline (secure loop) in the middle of a line. Useful when you want a non-slip loop but a free end is not handy or to provide two loops in the end of a line. This knot can be used as a sling or as a seat or bosum’s chair in an emergency rescue situation. The two loops can be worked to different sizes if needed.

Bowline On A Bight

1. Double a section of line and form a loop or "eye" in the line.

2. Pass the free end up through the eye forming a double loop below the eye.

3. Spread open the free end and bring it down to the bottom of the double loop.

4. Pass over double loop and continue up to top of eye.

5. Seat the knot by pulling on the double loop while holding the standing line.

See Animated Bowline on a Bight Knot Below

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