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Alberto Knot

How to tie Alberto Knot. The Alberto knot is an excellent line to line fishing knot for joining lines of different diameters and/or composition such as monofilament (or fluorocarbon) leaders to braid line. This is what "Crazy Alberto" Alberto Knie (the knot's inventor) wrote about his knot: "Since the inception of the super lines there was no real mono to braided fishing line knots. And those common knots everyone recommended just didn’t cut it! I actually tried many recommended knots (with frustrations) … so I came up with this knot for myself and I’ve been using ever since. I have a few friends (& some world record friends)
who loves it and will not go back. In fact, it is being well received throughout (from Mexico / Costa Rica / Florida and Canada) and I am glad everyone is enjoying it."

Try the Alberto Knot next time you need to attach monofilament to braid. It just might become your personal go-to knot!

Scroll to see Animated Alberto Knot below the illustration and tying instructions.


Alberto Knot Tying Instructions

  • Make a loop in the mono leader and run about 10” of the braided line through the loop.
  • Hold the loop and the braid in your left hand and begin wrapping the braid around the double line of mono created by making the loop.
  • Make 7 wraps away from the loop.
  • Wrap back toward the loop 7 more wraps, making each wrap over each of the previous wraps.
  • Feed tag end back into loop and exit just as it originally entered the loop.
  • Pull wraps tight and slide to end of loop.
  • Cut tag end of both braided line and mono loop.


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