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Arbor Knot

How to tie the Arbor Knot. Use the simple Arbor Knot to tie your fishing line to the spool of any type of fishing reel – fly reel, spinning reel or bait casting reel. The goal here really isn’t in thinking that a knot is going to hold if a fish has taken all the line down to the end your reel spool, but to have something strong enough to hold in the event you lose a rod and reel overboard and have to pull it up by the line. For a more secure connection of your fly line to the reel, check out the 100% Arbor Knot. It could save your expensive fly line in the event of being "spooled"! Another knot that can be used to tie a line to a reel is the Uni Knot, but with just one or two wraps instead of the five or six used to tie on a hook.

Scroll to see Animated Arbor Knot below the illustration and tying instructions.


How to tie the Arbor Knot animated and illustrated


Arbor Knot Tying Instructions

  • Wrap your line around the arbor of the spool with the tag end of the line. Then tie a simple overhand knot around the standing part with the tag end.

  • Tie a second overhand knot in the tag end just an inch or two from the first overhand knot.

  • Pull the standing part of the line to slide the first overhand knot down to the spool and the second knot to jam against the first. Trim tag end close.
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