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Willis Knot

How to tie the Willis Knot. The Willis Knot is used to attach a leader to lead-core fishing line. When using a monofilament leader one overhand knot is sufficient. When using a braided line leader (Spiderwire, Fireline, etc.) use two overhand knots. The knot grips with a "Chinese finger pull" function with the overhand knot adding the final security needed. This knot is considered to be very reliable by lead core fishermen. Alternatives include an Albright Special or a Double Uni tied with the sheath material of the lead core.

Scroll to see Animated Willis Knot below the illustration and tying instructions.

Willis Knot


Willis Knot Tying Instructions

  • Take finger and thumb and pinch down on lead core line and slide back about four to six inches of the outer sheath. Cut the inner wire at that point and straighten empty sheath.

  • Tie a loose overhand knot in the sheath material back by the cut part of the inner lead.

  • Slide mono leader into sheath all the way back until it touches the inner lead. Now work the overhand knot back to the end of the sheath material stopping just short.

  • Tighten down the overhand knot and test by pulling hard on the leader. It should not slip.


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