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Mop Fly

The little Mop Fly is a game changer fly that should not be dismissed due to its ridiculous ease of tying. This fly flat-out works for multiple species of fish including trout, bass, crappie, etc. This video demonstration is courtesy of the folks at TroutLegend.com It is quick and easy - 30 seconds to tie one! After you learn this basic technique, if you desire to you can then add legs, sparkle, dub a thorax or whatever you want to customize it. But in reality, it needs no further embellishments to catch fish! Order some bodies in various colors from the nice folks at Trout Legend or go out to the garage or broom closet and clip some of the little fringy tentacles from those car wash mitts / dust cloths! Tie up the Mop Fly and get ready to out fish your buddies (if they're not using them already). Enjoy!


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