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Obviously we love knots around here and we are always adding new knots to our selection. But rarely do I get as excited about a new knot as I am about the Davy Knot. The history of this little knot is in fly fishing competition and
its inventor Davy Wooton was a fly fishing professional that competed for many years for the Welsh National Team and in individual professional fly fishing events. Through trial and error, he invented a knot that allowed him to attach a fly in seconds. In competion, speed in rigging equates to more time fishing, giving the potential for more fish to be caught. Named the Davy Knot it is fast and strong.
When I first read about this knot and that it can be tied in seconds, I had just returned from my last fly fishing trip in Yellowstone National Park. That trip was no different than my other efforts at fly fishing for trout in rivers - a lot of time spent rigging (a two fly indicator rig) and not as much time as I would like actually fishing. I flashed back to the Gallatin River where in one case, after spending maybe fifteen minutes getting rigged, I proceeded to lay out a nice roll cast... right into a tree across the river. Pulling free left the flies and weight behind and I was once again spending another fifteen minutes rigging. That is a lot of down time and adds a level of frustration to what should be a pleasant time fly fishing! So, any knot that can get me back to fishing quicker is going to move up my personal list of knots to know in a hurry!

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