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I purchased this item in the hopes of helping myself and my son to be better knot tiers. These little cards do a great job at educating in the art of the knot. The cards are thick plastic and should last a lifetime. If you are looking for a minimal tool to help boost your knot tying skills, a product which is long lasting, and for relatively cheap. Check this one out.
I've been meaning to do this forever; that is, learn how to tie something other than a square knot or the over-and-over, only-works-because-it-can-never-be-untied-in-my-lifetime knot. I keep these cards in my toolbox. I used it to tie a bowline & had a ridiculous sense of competency that was way out of proportion, but I enjoyed it anyway.
i got this because everyone should know a couple basic knots. i was so impressed with it when it arrived. they not only explain how to create the knot but also the situations that the knot should be used it. i love it and have referred several friends :) great gift idea as well. my eagle scout friend was quite impressed.
I ordered this mainly to learn some Knots. This is nice to throw in the backpack and take out for a camping trip. Use the examples to try out some knots. Good product. Very useful.
The Knot tying guide was purchased for some nieces who want to start doing more in their fishing. They have both found it helpful and their knots were tested under real conditions and survived. The product is compact and doubles as a ruler. The knots are explained simple enough for the kids. It is waterproof and will fit nicely in any small tackle box.
I'm one of those people who will forget a rarely used skill after time. This is really helpful as a mental refresher. Quality design and construction as well.
This should be a must for alot of fishermen, even if you're one of the best, there are times, you need something to "refresh" the ole memory. They're good for reference, cause, no matter what, you can't remember everything.
Liked the card so well, am ordering a dozen for friends and family.
Thank you for your great customer service! I put my order in on Monday and I received them Thursday. I want companies who provide this kind of service to know it is appreciated!
Just a note to say thank you for sending the knot cards so quickly. I have used the fishing knot cards often, now I can use the boating cards on our sailboat. Again, Thank You! Bob H Melbourne Fl
I bought it for my son, but I use it more than him! It’s become a desk fidget in my home office. I tie knots while stuck on conference calls!

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