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Carrick Bend

How to tie the Carrick Bend Knot. The Carrick Bend is an excellent knot to join two ropes, particularly large diameter ropes and hawsers. It draws up tight under load and although it may lose its symmetrical shape, remains secure. The tag ends may be seized to the standing lines for added security.

Scroll to see Animated Carrick Bend Knot below the illustration and tying instructions.

How to tie the Carrick Bend


Carrick Bend Knot Tying Instructions

  • Form a basic loop with the larger size rope (white rope in illustration) and lay loop on top of and across working end of second rope.

  • Remember the sequence: over, under, over, under, over and pass working end of second rope around first loop and itself following the sequence.

  • The ends come out of opposite sides of the knot. The knot loses its beautiful symmetry when tightened.

  • The ends should be seized to the standing parts if the ropes are large.
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