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Spanish Bowline

How to tie the Spanish Bowline. The Spanish Bowline is a double loop knot. Having double loops can be useful for light rescue work but care should be taken that the load on the loops is equal to avoid slipping. This is because the loops are directly connected to each other. To avoid having the loops slip, the knot must be drawn up very tight. Also note that the loops can be adjusted to different sizes, before the knot is fully tightened down.

Scroll to see Animated Spanish Bowline Knot below the illustration and tying instructions.

How to tie a Spanish Bowline


Spanish Bowline Knot Tying Instructions

  • Make a loop in the end of a rope and tuck the loop under the parallel lines. Make a twist in each of the two sides of the loop, twisting in toward the center with the outer part of the loops.
  • Now take the left loop and insert it in and through the right loop, moving first under then over the ropes it is crossing.
  • Grasp the new small lower loop by each side and pull those sides through the loops above.
  • Once you have the ropes part way through pull the two vertical ropes to help tighten down the knot.
  • Adjust the loops and pull everything very tight.


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