Tenkara Traditional Line to Rod Knot How to tie the Tenkara Traditional Line to Rod Knot. Tenkara rods require the fly line ("traditional" furled lines as well as "Level Lines") to be attached directly to the rod tip. The tip of all tenkara rods consist of a strong braided material called the lilian string permanently attached to the rod at the factory. It is generally recommended to tie a stopper knot in the lilian. A simple overhand knot will suffice although a figure eight could also be used. The tenkara lines are then tied-in behind the stopper knot.

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Traditional Tenkara Line to Rod Knot
Traditional tenkara line comes from the factory with a loop of braided line attached to one end. This loop is attached to the lilian using a simple Girth Hitch behind the stopper knot. This provides a very secure knot and has the added benefit of being removable - a simple tug on the tag end of the loop allows you to quickly remove the line from the rod, either for transport or to change to a different line.
Tenkara Knot

Tenkara Traditional Line To Rod

1. Open braided loop at the end of the tenkara traditional fly line and fold it back over the line.

2-3. Grasp the fly line through the open loop and pull it up a little ways through the loop.

4. Insert lilian through the loop just created (this is a girth hitch). Pass the girth hitch beyond the stopper knot. Note: Be sure to only expose the lilian and leave the hard rod tip inside to avoid accidentally breaking the tip while tightening the knot! Tip: Place a finger tip over the rod opening to hold the rod inside.

5. Tighten down the knot by carefully pulling on the fly line while holding the lilian firmly (and the rod tip inside the rod).

See animated Tenkara Traditional Line to Rod Knot below.

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