Uni Knot How to tie the Uni Knot. Also known as the Grinner Knot the Uni Knot is a good and dependable knot for monofilament to terminal tackle connections. Some anglers find it easier to tie than the Improved Clinch and equally dependable. The Uni Knot is one of 12 great fishing knots included on the Pro-Knot Fishing Knot Cards (click to see).
How to tie a Uni Knot

Uni Knot

1. Run line through eye of hook and double back parallel to the standing line. Make a loop by laying tag end over the doubled line.

2. Make 6 turns with the tag end around the double line and through the loop.

3. Moisten lines and pull tag end to snug up the turns.

4. Slide knot down to the eye or leave a small loop if desired

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