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Centauri Knot

How to tie the Centauri Knot. The Centauri Knot is a popular fishing knot in Australia where it is credited to local fishing legend Dick Lewers. It can be tied in any size monofilament for attaching terminal tackle. Fellow Australian fisherman Geoff Wilson maintains that the construction of this knot applies a minimum of friction and thus does not distort the line as some more complex knots do. Another good use for this knot is in attaching fishing line to a reel, due to the sliding loop that is formed prior to tightening down the knot. Many anglers prefer the Centauri Knot to the more common Arbor Knot for that purpose.

Scroll to see Animated Centauri Knot below the illustration and tying instructions.

Centauri Knot


Centauri Knot Tying Instructions

  • Thread the line through the eye of the hook and form a loop around the standing line with the tag end. Hold loop in place with thumb and forefinger.

  • Repeat the first step forming a second loop around the standing line. Again, hold loops in place.

  • Repeat again, forming a third loop and hold all loops in place with thumb and forefinger.

  • Run the tag end through the three loops and form the knot by pulling gently on the tag end.

  • With the knot tightened onto the standing line the hook or lure hangs from a loop.

  • Slide the knot down onto the eye of the hook and trim the tag.
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