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Double Double Uni Knot

How to tie the Double Double Uni Knot also called the Doubled Uni Knot. The regular Double Uni is a time tested and reliable line to line connection. Even when tying braided line to a fluorocarbon or monofilament leader, it is widely accepted to be a good strong knot provided more wraps are made with the braided line. However, better results can be had by tying the Double Double Uni which makes for an even  stronger knot.


This makes sense really, as pretty much any knot tied with doubled line improves the strength of the knot. This is especially important with knots in slippery braided line. Even the Palomar Knot, which is probably the single strongest fishing knot and the single best knot to tie terminal tackle on with braided line is tied with doubled line.


The Double Double Uni is really no more difficult to tie than the super easy regular Double Uni and it results in only a moderately larger profile knot because the doubled portion is only in the small diameter braid. All in all it makes it a good choice for a super reliable line to line connection when tying braid to mono or fluoro. So just like at In N Out Burger, make it a "double-double"!


double double Uni Knot.jpg


Double Double Uni Knot Tying Instructions


• First double over about 12 inches of the braid, making for a 6 inch double line.


• Lay the doubled line next to the end of the leader.


• Form a loop with the end of the doubled braid by crossing it over itself. Pinch it at the point of crossing also trapping the leader line there. Make 8 wraps around all lines by passing the end of the doubled braid through the loop. Carefully pull the end of the doubled braid to tighten down the wraps onto the leader.


• Now repeat the same exact process with the leader, making a loop and passing the tag end through the loop and around both lines but only make 5 or 6 wraps (the heavier the line the less wraps). Carefully pull the tag end to tighten.


• Moisten the line and knots with water or saliva and pull the knots together by pulling the leader and line in opposite directions.


• Trim the tag end of the leader and the double tag and the single tag ends of the braided line.


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