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Hook Removal - Advance & Cut

How to Hook Removal - Advance and Cut. Almost always successful, even when removing large fish hooks. However, additional trauma to the surrounding tissue is a disadvantage. The Advance and Cut Technique is most effective when the point of the fishhook is located near the surface of the skin.

Using pliers, the entire point of the fishhook (including the barb) is advanced through the skin. The worst is over now. The point and barb is then cut free with the pliers or another cutting tool, allowing the rest of the now barbless fishhook to be backed out of the wound with little resistance. Alternately, the eye can be cut off and the hook advanced out point first - advantageous with multi barb hooks. See also Hook Removal - String Yank method.

Scroll to see Animated Hook Removal - Advance & Cut Knot below the illustration and tying instructions.

Hook Removal - Advance & Cut


Hook Removal - Advance and Cut Knot Tying Instructions

  • Using pliers, advance the point of the hook out through the skin past the barb. Follow the natural curve of the hook.

  • Using the pliers or side cutters, cut the hook below the barb.

  • Remove the hook by retracing back through the wound. Sterilize and bandage.
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