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Hook Removal - String Yank

How to Hook Removal - String Yank. Wrap a string such as a piece of monofilament fishing line around the bend of the hook. Get a good grip on the string. The involved skin area should be well stabilized against a flat surface as the shank of the fishhook is depressed against the skin. Continue to depress the eye of the hook, taking care to keep the shank parallel to the underlying skin.

A firm, quick jerk is then applied parallel to the shank while continuing to exert pressure on the eye of the hook. See also: Advance and Cut method.

Hook Removal - String Yank

Hook Removal - String Yank Knot Tying Instructions

  • Wrap a string such as a fishing line around the bend of the hook. Get a good grip on the string

  • Stabilize the area on a flat surface if possible. While pushing down on the eye of the hook, apply a firm quick jerk to the string, parallel to the shank. Sterilize and bandage.
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