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Strike Indicator Loop Knot

How to tie the Strike Indicator Loop Knot. You can loop smaller pieces of yarn directly onto your leader using a slip knot. This "Open Loop" method of attaching a yarn indicator allows you to use a small yarn indicator with small flies or in shallow, flat water where a large indicator, such a the ubiquitous Thingamabobber Strike Indicators might spook fish.

Scroll to see Animated Strike Indicator Loop Knot below the illustration and tying instructions.

Strike Indicator Loop Knot


Open Loop Indicator KnotTying Instructions

  • To make your own yarn indictor, snip a ½” hank of yarn as thick or thin as required by the fly being used and the water condition. Make a simple, open overhand knot in the leader butt where you want the indicator.

  • Run the end of the tippet back through the open loop and gently tighten down the overhand knot creating a slip-knot loop.

  • Place the yarn in the slip-knot loop and pull it tight. Use your fingers to “puff out” the individual fibers of the yarn, and treat the indicator with fly floatant.
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