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Right Angle Rig

How to tie the Right Angle Rig. The Right Angle Rig offers several advantages over a traditional indicator rig: castability, sink rate and strike detection. This set up uses tungsten beads instead of lead for weight (smaller and heavier than lead and sink faster), a shorter leader (improves casting) and a short tippet, which transmits the strike faster than long tippets. Another benefit is that if you do get hung up on the bottom and have to break off, the lighter tippet is the weak link so you still get most of your rig back, including those expensive tungsten beads, and only have to tie on a new tippet and fly. Try it next time out and see if it doesn't improve your day on the water.

Scroll to see Animated Right Angle Rig Knot below the illustration and tying instructions.

Right Angle Rig


Right Angle Rig Tying Instructions

  • To the end of the fly line (probably a factory loop) tie a 12" length of stiff 20 lb mono. To the other end tie a 3/4" or 1" Thingamabobber indicator float.

  • Now tie a leader of 8 to 10 lb fluorocarbon directly to the mono and set the knot down by the knot at the indicator. Uni Knots work well for all of these knots.

  • Add 2 tungsten (fly tying) beads and tie on a small swivel as a stopper to the other end of the leader.

  • Tie your 8 to 10" short tippet and fly to the swivel.
nippers and zinger deal

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