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Our latest App for iPhones and iPod Touch is not about knots. After publishing numerous knot apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch and iPad, Android, Nokia Symbian phones and Windows Phones, we changed gears and put out a really fun little app for FREE: "My Big Fish". With this app you can now pose for a picture with a trophy sized 'virtual' fish. The app has giant sized carp, trophy salmon and trout, big tuna, grouper, dorado and more. It even has both the official world- record largemouth bass and the unofficial true record 25 pound largemouth nick-named Dottie.

The app is free with a sample of three fish to play around with. Upgrading to the full version for just US 99 cents gets you all 16 big beautiful fish. Both versions are fully featured and allow you to manipulate the size, location and orientation of the fish before saving the picture. There is even a whole host of image editing tools, courtesy of the Aviary SDK, to put some polishing touches on your picture. Once you have it the way you want it, you can save it, email it and post it to Facebook. You'll be the envy of your fishing buddies...until you tell them it's a spoof! Check it out here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/my-big-fish/id49833... or just go to our Knot Apps page and you can click the link there. Have some fun, have some laughs! And of course, be sure to get a mobile version of knots, either with one of our Apps or 'old school' with a set of Knot Cards.

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