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The short answer is the Palomar Knot, but I suggest you keep reading. We have over a dozen knots on this site just for tying on terminal tackle. The Knot Cards we sell have from 3 to 6 terminal tackle knots. So, why all these knots if you only need a Palomar?

OK, let's talk about the Palomar. Pros: Easy to tie, easy to remember, it is one of the few knots that works well in all materials (mono, fluoro and braid), works in a Drop Shot Rig, and STRONG. This knot is one of the top 3 terminal tackle knots in terms of reliability, if not the top knot, depending on the test. It will not fail you. Cons: It takes more line to tie, which can be an issue if tying a fly onto tapered leader, hard to thread the line two times through very small hook eyes.

The point about the Palomar then is that is can be your one best, go-to knot, but because of just those two

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