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Barrel Hitch

How to tie the Barrel Hitch Knot. The Barrel Hitch is used to effectively lift a barrel in its upright position. The other method of hoisting a barrel (with closed ends) is the Barrel Sling, which does so with the barrel on its side. The Barrel Hitch can be used to hoist a container that has liquid in it with the top open. Be sure that the rope that encircles the barrel (or other container) be above the center of gravity, so that it doesn't tip, but also far enough below the top lip so that it doesn't slip off.

Scroll to see Animated Barrel Hitch Knot below the illustration and tying instructions.


Barrel Hitch Knot Tying Instructions

  • Stand the barrel on the lifting rope.
  • Tie a simple overhand knot across the top.
  • Spread the overhand knot until it opens wide enough to slip over the sides of the barrel. Adjust to embrace the top third of the barrel.
  • Tie a Bowline Knot with the ends of the rope to join together and lift.

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