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Lanyard Knot

The easiest instructions for how to tie the Diamond Knot also commonly known as the Laynard Knot. It is also called the Friendship Knot, the Sailor's Knife Knot or the Bosun's Whistle Knot. This is a decorative knot often tied with paracord or other small diameter cordage. The Lanyard Knot is commonly used as a stopper knot in bracelets made of paracord and it can also be tied to form a neat and attractive loop. Another knot to make a nice looking loop in the middle of a cord is the True Lover's Knot. Although there are many steps to this knot and it may appear difficult at first glance, give it a try and you should find it to be easier than it looks!

Scroll to see Animated Lanyard Knot below the illustration and tying instructions.

How to tie a lanyard knot aka diamond knot


Diamond - Lanyard Knot Tying Instructions

  •  Follow the animation below and refer to the static illustration to learn this easy method of tying the Lanyard Knot.


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