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True Lover's Knot

How to tie the True Lover's Knot (aka True Lovers Loop). The name of this knot derives from the two intertwined overhand knots, which symbolize a binding love between two people. The knot can be tied as shown here with a single rope or cord to form a handy loop at the end for attaching anything from a whistle, car keys or anything else that one might hang from a lanyard. The True Lover's Knot can also be used to connect two separate ropes, though it is not the best knot to use for that purpose (see section on Bends for better choices).


Scroll down to see the animated True Lover's Knot below the knot tying tutorial.


True Lover's Knot tutorial


True Lover's Knot Tying Instructions

  • At the middle of the rope form an Overhand Knot and leave the knot loose and open.
  • Feed the working end through the loop created by the first overhand knot.
  • Making the desired size finished loop, proceed to tie a second overhand loop which interlocks with the first from step 2. Also, if desired, insert the object to hang from the loop prior to forming this second overhand knot.
  • Tighten the first knot, adjust the loop size and then tighten down the second knot against the first.
  • To make an adjustable lanyard, tie the two ends together with single or double Fisherman's Knots.

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