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Distel Hitch

ow to tie the Distel Hitch Knot. The Distel Hitch is a very responsive friction knot popular with arborists. It tends not to jam or slip when set and dressed correctly. It can be used on main climbing line or on a work positioning strop. The Distel will only grip in one direction. If using a line without eyes you can tie a Double Fisherman's at each end to attach to a carabiner. It is important to descend slowly to avoid friction damage to the distel cord!

Scroll to see Animated Distel Hitch Knot below the illustration and tying instructions.

How to tie the Distel Hitch


Distel Hitch Knot Tying Instructions

  1. Make four wraps around main static rope with a hand tied or sewn prusik or spliced eye split tail friction cord.

  2. After fourth wrap bring wrapping tail down and make an additional wrap at bottom of other wraps in same direction while tying a half hitch by tucking tail under itself in the front of the knot.

  3. Join eyes in front and clip together with a carabiner.


Swiffy Output

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