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Munter Hitch

The Munter Hitch provides a method for belaying and rappelling without a belay/rappel device. This is an important knot for climbers to know. It works best in large pear shaped carabiners and should only be used with a locking carabiner. When belaying with the Munter Hitch be sure that the strand of rope carrying the load is next to the spine of the carabiner. Set this knot up correctly, because someone’s life is on the other end of the rope! This knot can cause kinks or twists in the rope.

Munter Hitch


Munter Hitch Knot Tying Instructions

  1. Make a loop in the rope and slip the loop into a locking carabiner. Form a second loop with the line crossing opposite the first loop.

  2. Slip second loop into the carabiner and lock carabiner.

  3. Make sure the strand carrying the load is next to the spine of the carabiner.


Swiffy Output

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