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Quickie Coil

How to quickly coil a rope. This method of coiling a rope is a staff favorite here at NetKnots. It is very similar to the Sailor's Coil, but ties up a little quicker. As Clifford Ashely states about this method to coil a rope in The Ashley Book of Knots, "there is never a knot without a friend, and many people swear by it." The easy thing to remember about this knot is that you essentially just wrap the working end around the coil twice (once to the right, once to the left) before then tucking it under the first wrap.


How to quickly coil a rope with the Quickie Coil Knot


Quickie Coil Knot Tying Instructions

  • Coil the rope by making consecutive circles of the rope of equal size, gathering them up with one hand while using the other hand to make the circles.


  • Make a wrap around the coil with the working end. Then make a second wrap to the left of the first wrap.


  • Tuck the working end under the first wrap.


  • Pull end tight.


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