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Sailor's Coil

How to coil a rope with the Sailor's Coil Knot. The Sailor's Coil is used for storing rope at sea. It is a secure knot that will stand considerable handling without unraveling. This is due to the tying of two half hitches on either side of each other around the coiled rope. You can tie it with a long end and use that for hanging it up, if desired. Other good coil knots include: The Fireman's Coil, The Quickie Coil and The Alpine Coil. It is a good idea to learn one or two coil knots and commit them to memory, as there are always times that a rope needs to be neatly coiled for storage or transit.

Scroll to see Animated Sailor's Coil Knot below the illustration and tying instructions.

How to coil a rope with the Sailor's Coil



Sailor's Coil Knot Tying Instructions

  • Coil the rope by making consecutive circles of the rope of equal size, gathering them up with one hand while using the other hand to make the circles.

  • Make a single hitch around a section of the coil. Then make a second hitch to the left of the first hitch.

  • Pull end tight.


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