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Strangle Knot

How to tie a Strangle Knot. The Strangle Knot is often used as an alternative to the Constrictor Knot. Some like it better because it does lay a bit flatter once it is tightened down but it is considered to be less secure than the mighty Constrictor. It can also be used as a seizing on the ends of rope to prevent fraying. Because it does tighten down on itself so well, it can be hard to untie and often must be cut off with a knife.


Scroll down to see animated Strangle Knot below the knot tying tutorial.

strangle knot.jpg


Strangle Knot Tying Instructions

  1. Pass the rope around the bar and then cross over the running line in the front.
  2. Repeat the previous step by passing across the running line again following the same path.
  3. Instead of wrapping around the bar at this point, tuck the working end of the rope under both of the first turns and pull tight.


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