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Schwabisch Hitch

How to tie the Schwabisch Hitch Knot. The Schwabisch holds securely. This arborist friction hitch was first documented by seven-time International Tree Climbing Champion Bernd Strasser of Germany. The Schwabisch (pronounced "sway-bish") hitch is most commonly tied with a short (60-80 cm length) 8 -10 mm dia. line against 11-13 mm host life support lines and forms a "closed system". It releases much more easily than the tautline but not quite as smoothly as the French Prusik, and it grips reliably after descent.

Scroll to see Animated Schwabisch Knot below the illustration and tying instructions.


Schwabisch Hitch Knot Tying Instructions

  1. Make four wraps around main static rope with a hand tied or sewn prusik or spliced eye split tail friction cord.

  2. After fourth wrap bring wrapping tail down and make an additional wrap at bottom of other wraps in opposite direction while tying a half hitch around other rope. This results in both tails exiting the knot together.

  3. Join eyes in front and clip together with a carabiner.


Swiffy Output

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