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Slipped Constrictor Knot

Slipped Constrictor Knot. How to tie the Slipped Constrictor Knot. This version of the Constrictor Knot allows for the knot to be released with a tug of the working end. This can allow for the use of the tightly gripping Constrictor in an application where only a temporary binding is necessary, as opposed to a regular Constrictor that often needs to be cut off with a knife.

See Animated Slipped Constrictor below the knot tying instructions.

Slipped Constrictor Knot

Slipped Constrictor Knot Tying Instructions

  • Begin tying a basic constrictor knot: Starting in front of the object(s), make one wrap from right to left around the object(s) to be bound and cross the working end over in the front. Wrap around the back of the object again.
  • Bring working end to front of knot and feed it back under the two wraps making sure you first cross over the standing line. Leave the knot a little loose.
  • Take the working end (which would normally be pulled tight for a regular constrictor) and form a bight.
  • Feed the end of the bight back under the two parts of the knot that it originally passed through. Pull tight by pulling on the standing line and the loop created.

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